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Pet CBD Dog Treats

Red Emperor CBD Pet Hemp Dog Treats are a powerful blend of hemp seed, chamomile & magnesium. These chews are used to manage stressful situations like vet or groomer visits, road trips, thunderstorms, and separation anxiety.



  • Holistic veterinarian developed
  • THC Free
  • No sweeteners, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteeIntended For: DogsIncludes: 60 soft chews (7.4 oz)Health Consideration: Calming, Stress & Anxiety ReliefUse: ChewPet Weight: All SizesTotal Weight: 7.4 oz (210 g)Dimensions: 3.625 x 3.625 x 3.4375

    For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

    Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. Not to be used in high doses with anticoagulant drugs or animals with stomach ulcers. If an animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using the product for your pet.

Hemp Dog Treats

Hemp Treat For Dogs

Hemp Dog Treats: What’s so good about them?

There are so many wonderful things about hemp oil for dogs. The same goes for CBD dog treats. CBD is extremely valuable for dogs and their bodies need it more than ever. You should reconsider your position on CBD dog treats if you are one of those people. It is okay to give your dog a few treats from time to time. But make sure they are healthy for him. CBD pet treats are a great way to reward your dog for his good behavior and show some love without worrying about his health.



A Hemp dog treat bag is a great way to treat your dogs. The CBD pet product ingredients are rolled into these bags, so you don’t need to worry about how much to mix. A CBD dog treat bag containing a half-teaspoon of EphedraXR CBD supplements should allow you to get your favorite CBD treat in about twenty minutes. To ensure your dog gets maximum benefits from the medication, only two milligrams should be taken in a one-quarter ounce.


What makes Hemp dog treats the best? This information can be found on the websites of credible pet hemp companies. You should check out several companies before making a purchase. Here’s a list of the best CBD pet treats for dogs.


This CBD dog treat is a great combination of hemp oil, protein and has a high nutritional value. This CBD dog treat is not like peanut butter treats. It does not contain any fats, sugars, or salt. This Hemp dog treats product has high nutritional value and is healthy for your pet’s diet. It contains no gluten, corn, or dairy.


The cream-based dessert is available in many flavors. There are many flavors available, including chocolate-covered pretzels and blueberry oatmeal cookies, blueberry oatmeal cookies, blueberry mini loaf, apple cinnamon twists, and blueberry oatmeal cookies. These treats can last for up to three years, unlike other pet treats which have a short shelf life. The chocolate pretzels are wrapped in wax paper and foil to make sure you get the most out of your purchase.


This treat is made of hemp oil, as the name suggests. Despite being approved by FDA, you should still carefully read the label. There are many CBD-rich products available today. You will need to make wise choices. These treats will not only support your dog’s health but will also improve his mood and happiness.


In general, CBD is safe for most dogs. There are side effects that can occur with CBD products. Pet owners need to understand that CBD can cause some stimulation. Side effects are rare, and most dogs experience no side effects.


CBD pet snacks are a healthy treat for your pet that will improve his health. Consult your veterinarian if you have any questions regarding safety and dosage. Your veterinarian will be able give you the best advice to keep your pet happy and healthy. Your pet will live a happier, healthier life, and will be more resilient to disease if you take advantage of this important source of nutrition.

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59 reviews for CBD Dog Treats | The Best For Your Best Friend

  1. Sydney

    I was looking for CBD treats for my 8 year old doggy who suffers from seizures at least once or twice a week.
    We’ve had these treats for a week now and have given him one once a day, and so far, no seizures!
    The fact that they’re peanut butter flavored really helps because my dog is very picky. He loves them!

  2. Harris

    Not only do these offer pain relief for our dogs but they seem to love them as well. Looking at the list of ingredients it is easy to see why the dogs think that these are special treats.
    Thank you for making their lives better!

  3. Muno

    doesn’t really affect my dog, do different dogs have different effects

  4. Stinson

    Yes, it worked great for my granddaughters 3 chihuahuas. They were very active and they help to calm them down. Dogs loved them.

  5. Donna

    The cbd treats work really well. Sargent was having arthritis at an early age (5yrs) and these treats work better than gabapentin plus he is more relaxed and friendly. He no longer takes gabapentin.

  6. Grim

    i was really having problems with my dogs pain, but then i started doing research on CBD and i happened to come across your website Red Emperor CBD, and i decided to try out some CBD Dog treats, the chews to be exact and in a few days i actually started seeing results, thank you!

  7. Donnanag

    Great CBD Pet Treats for my Poodle Zoey!

  8. Alicelep

    these CBD pet chews are actually really good, im glad that there are a reliable company like the Red Emperor CBD

  9. elenora

    so you’re the boss of the animal CBD Market

  10. dwane

    My Dog really loved the test of your CBD Dog chews, and I really noticed a change in his behaviour since taking them. Thanks, Red Emperor CBD

  11. broccolipwrl

    i think my dog might be allergic to something in the CHews

  12. Mariefeazy

    We started off with CBD oil for Bruce our pitbull but swithed over to the RedEmperor Dog cews and he has no felt better!. Thanks redemperorcbd!

  13. Shate

    This product was a great CBD addition to my German Shepard profile.

  14. Floria

    10/10 would recommend these CBD chews my dog has never seemed more calm im really glad i tried out these dog treats

  15. Joseph

    i wasnt sure CBD would help with my dog but, after a couple days of using these dog treats, my dog really seemed be in less pain im really
    glad i looked into CBD Dog Chews

  16. Michaelanins

    these CBD Chews seem to really help with my sheperd, id recommend these CBD dog treats

  17. Jayden

    Great product on CBD dog chews

  18. Georgetog

    Hello i just wanted to say i love this CBD dog chews

  19. Saul B

    I dont know what happened but my order came in a week after it was supposed to ship, its an alright product

  20. DavidVeide

    Havent really tried CBD much, but my dog has been suffering with chronic pain and the CBD dog chews really do seem to ease her body

  21. HobertHaw

    my bulldog was experiencing some mood swings so i decided to invest my research into CBD dog chews for him and not even after two weeks i started to see big changes in his mood thank you

  22. Vivian

    these dog chews do work so not much to say

  23. david

    Cant Believe these CBd dog chews help stable my dogs pain lit

  24. JamesGak

    didnt know what to do with my dog he was always seems on edge but after we started experimenting with these CBD dog chews i can honestly say we are getting progress

  25. Alexa

    Alexa here j saying that these pet chews help my dog out so much

  26. Kevinmep

    i never seen my dog so relaxed before these CBD dog chews thank you

  27. Victoria

    wanted to try these pet chews out will leave an update

  28. Charca

    never believed in CBD but then someone recommended this for my dog and now i use it daily lol

  29. katsuki

    Whenever my dog is Stressed i give him these CBD dog chews, and he becomes as mellow as ever

  30. Brooklyn

    CBD dog chews are so helpful for me and most importantly my dog thanks!

  31. Audy

    i have to share this with my sister, her dog is really old, and I’ve been doing research on a lot of CBD and the benefits for animals, and i believe its legit, ima buy these CBD dog chews for my sister see how she feels

  32. Alex

    CBD for the win!

    gotta love CBD helps with everyone and everything haha, thanks for putting CBD in these dog chews my dog loves it

  33. T

    I will be on the lookout for more CBD products for animals we definitely need more haha

  34. Gow

    im a newly owner and my dog suffers with great anxiety to the point where i couldn’t even have people over because of a past owner
    so i needed a solution i got to looking and found these CBD dog chews, i thought why not
    i read a lot how CBD can benefit both us and animals, so i bought some and to my surprise
    its actaully working, hes still has some anxiety but hes becoming more trusting towards people and
    might be able to bring him into public soon

  35. isaac

    i needed these dog chews, the CBD really helps out my dog out so much he has definitely calmed down a lot more

  36. Mullen

    Good these are just amazing thank you!!!

  37. Lebron

    CBD dog chews are just the future for medicine for pets might as well be the only way to heal pets nah im playing

  38. Swiley

    Nice information.
    didnt know you could infuse CBD with Dog chews and give it to them might have to try it after i do more research ofc

  39. Shawn volve

    I started giving both my 12 year old dogs the CBD chews and what’s difference! They are more playful, energetic and overall happier pups! I highly recommend these chews.

  40. MarcusHab

    this is a great thing you are doing for animals, me and my dog love these, i dont eat them of course but seeing my dog less anxious, will always make me happy

  41. brenda

    my dog suffers with a great amount of pain I bought these CBD dog chews for my 13 year old dog and she has been seeing improvements

  42. Wen

    my dog gets very anxious when we go outside, when i give him a couple the CBD chews i can really see a difference versus when i dont give it to him

  43. Ida S

    Love that these chews give me back my Brodie! He is a rescue with awful anxiety and these CBD chews take away the anxiety without him losing an ounce of energy or personality!

  44. Shane Cab

    These are the only CBD chews that relax my dogs and actually work! I have recommended to numerous people.

  45. H

    thanks to these CBD dog chews my dog can finally relax a little better age does things to a dog

  46. Clarita

    I am really pleased to say this CBD product works great for my German Shepard

    King regards,
    Demir Dencker

  47. cripsy

    my dog actually will go from 100 to zero with these chews thank you haha

  48. Bishnuch

    I have a shepherd that is getting old 9years old, that is getting really helps her sleeps and i can tell the pain is easing away

  49. Marcus H

    I bought this for my 11 year old jack russell doxin mix. He has major anxiety problems. I decided to try this and it worked amazingly! Normally durring thunder storms he has panic attacks, but this kept him clam, he didnt even whine. thanks you red emperor for these dog chews

  50. Fiona Neoro

    Big cock smothers hot These CBD treats smell so good! My dog just thinks they are human cookies. We have recently started a daily CBD regimen after our dog had a seizure. He loves the cookie treats and dosing is much easier compared to oils. pussy

  51. Diana B

    These are the best treatibles that truly calm our dogs during stressful times. Thanks so much!

  52. Jeffreyhem

    My ten year old dog began to have trouble walking. He was in a lot of pain. My mom recommended the CBD chews. For several hours after he eats the chew, he is pain free and frisky.

  53. WilliamWax

    I was really hoping these would help, maybe if i wait a little longer

  54. Scooter Lion

    My German Sheppard has recovered from his separation anxiety greatly after trying Red Emperor CBD Dog Treats, a great product, and will continue to use. Scooter Lion Puyallup Washington.

  55. saulgoodgu

    I have a six year old Dobie that is normally extremely laid back but gets very anxious when we take him to our mountain house. It has ended up with him panting heavily for the four hour trip. It is a large SUV and I think he feels the sway in the rear of the car. Gave him two chews and then one more just before he got into the car and he only had intermittent light panting and he laid down and seemed less stressed.

  56. marisha scott

    These chews help take the edge of the fear my dogs have during thunderstorms. My vet recommends giving my dogs at least 5 chews, which is twice the dosage on your package.

  57. Lisa Sweeten

    Pickles, our american bulldog, has anxiety. Since giving her the treats, she’s been her playful self. She used to run to her kennel when the household got loud (kids). Now she just hangs out on her pillow with all of us. I already recommended this brand to a ton of dog owners at my property.

  58. John Steward

    ive been using cbd dog chews for a while because my dog has anxiety, but none has ever seemed to work, i tried the Red Emperor Dog chews for the first time and i actually seem to see results, my dog is no longer making these whimpering noises as much after 3 weeks

  59. Samuel Green

    I give two to my dog on the days it may storm- splitting the dose to ease him in to a calmness. He barks during thunderstorms, this doesn’t stop the barking, but it is significantly less as he becomes calmer. Also notice more agility as he is getting older. Plays ball like he did when he was a puppy.

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