Wholesale CBD Roll On By Try Tranquil



Wholesale CBD Roll On 12.99 each Minimum Order 20

The Most Potent CBD Roll On For Pain Ever

Trytranquil.net  CBD Freeze Rollers are Fast-Acting and Roll-On Relief


CBD Freeze Rollers provide fast, lasting relief. These wholesale CBD roll-ons are small-batch-made and offer soothing, cooling relief for your joints and muscles.

Trytranquil.net  CBD Freeze Rollers come in strength: 700mg , This is the most powerful CBD pain relief roll-on available.

Over years of product development and testing, we have perfected the recipe for our CBD Freeze Rollers. Our CBD rollers are made with high-quality hemp CBD and are infused with carefully chosen ingredients such as organic aloe vera and tea tree oil.

You can target relief by applying CBD to specific areas. These gentle, yet powerful CBD Freeze Rollers provide instant joint and muscle relief.

Our CBD roll-on, like all our premium products is made from organic, USA-grown cannabis. It is independently laboratory-tested for purity and quality. Our CBD rollers are guaranteed to contain CBD that is over 99% pure, contains no THC, is free from pesticides, heavy metallics and other contaminants.

Quality control and testing are very important to us. Our Lab Testing Page contains our third-party lab results.

Our Wholesale CBD Roll On ‘s Are Unmatched quality. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee covers all Crescent Canna products. Contact our customer service team to get a full refund or free return on any Crescent Canna products you don’t like.

wholesale CBD Roll On

wholesale CBD Roll On


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