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Greetings, My name is James Baines, IV I go by the HACKER ALIAS Agent Freak Nasty, what do I hack??? Usually, SEARCH ENGINES & MINDS, if you want a sample Google ]Agent Freak Nasty[. I own the owner of and Before running these two websites I owned a Marijuana Dispensary in Tacoma Washington named The Red Emperor Collective. And Before that, I worked as a Database Administrator at Microsoft for about 10 years. More on that later. These pages will highlight my adventures in Mexico since I moved here 2 years ago from Seattle. This is the first Beta Phase of this Page. Soon we’re going to include a chat room, chicas reviews, and of course some PRIVATE AGENT FREAK NAST VIDEOS. This page will be updated daily In order to get to the BEST VIDEOS you have to pay a small monthly membership fee of $9.99. or you can CRACK MY CODES and find the web pages for free. Some of the codes are revealed when you HOVER YOUR MOUSE over pictures and links…..#SPOOKPORN

In this BLOG I am going to tell you an AMAZING STORY that most of you won’t believe is true. I wouldn’t believe it either if the shoes were on the other foot. It’s a STORY of how I became awake after being robbed by the police in Tacoma Washinton in 2012 and Everything that has transpired since. The funny part is 90 percent of what I tell you can be verified if you do a little digging.  The other 10 percent is ONLY shit that I know and remember that has never been told before until now.  I would like to dedicate this Blog to Google [ The Most Corrupt Prosecutor in US History] and [Ed Troyer The Doofus] and [Carl Rubicam Douchebag] and [Aaron Pelley aka Sealttes Best Snitch] and Google [Danndy The Worlds Dumbest Snitch] and attorney [Stefani Quane The Whore] ….Que-









Please share this page with your TRUCKING BUDDIES only….que-



Chocolate Paul Revere


You Can Now Get High Legally In Most States. By Lifehacker




Special Code Word For Player Haters and Deep State Flunkies at the End of Video. Save for your FIRST CLUE….Que-

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Update TIMESTAMP 7/9/2021 2:41 AM

This was when I first moved to Mexico and Had My Apartment over in Puerto Nuevo. Also Known as Lobster Villiage. Popular Tourist Spot that is full of sea food restaurants. I and my business partners took home some Senorita’s  and they showed us some MAGIC TRICKS….#Agentfreknasty

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This is one of my best friends in Mexico, her name is Anna, Shes 22 and CRAZY as fuck but in a GOOD WAY. Always Happy and Smiling. Hmm, I wonder what the fuck she’s on. But she’s the kind of ROAD DOG that will go out to the club with the boys and bring back chicas for a THREESOME, ya Heard.???? I  call her #AgentGobbler. You Figure out how she got that Nickname…..#AgentfreakNasty In this video she is trying out one of our New Delta 8 THC Disposable Vapes that are FEDERALLY Legal in all 50 states. Click Here To See Our Delta 8 Products available now, with MORE on the way.


You ever met a SUPER FINE WOMEN, But she was so Cray Cray You couldn’t stand to be around her for more than five minutes???? Exhibit (A) PS You will see A LOT OF PORN VIDEOS of her in my Members Only Section coming soon to a THEATER NEAR YOU….#AgentFreakNasty


The Crazier The Better,#Agent Freak Nasty Style


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One of the Main Reasons I created my own blog as I’m SICK AND TIRED of being censored on social media sites like FaceCROOK, Linked In, Youtube, Twatter, and the rest of them BITCHES. This is MY LIFE and if I want to be a PORN STAR by Goddammit IM going to be A PORN START….#AgentFreaknasty.

MK-ULTRA Mind Control STARTS with FREEDOM OF SPEECH, that why our founders made it the FIRST amendment ….#Agentfreaknasty FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!! 


You now have ENOUGH clues to complete the password to Enter the First Page of the AGENT FREAK NASTY PORNO VIDEOS. I know some of you MFS’s are slow so it’s a combination of the FIRST CLUE, The Title of the Ludacris Song, And The title of the Billy Joel Song. Combine them all in lower case letters…..Courtesy of Agent Freak Nasty…..que- Here is the Link.


Psst hey! Numb Nutz! Have you Ever Seen A Chocolate Senorita?? No??? Well, NOW you have…..\


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