The Mindset of Dr. Robert, Lucifer’s Liquid, Transfection, AI, Parasites, PCR Swab Vaccines – Part 1, 2 & 3

The Bad News:

There are no known proven permanent detox methods for those who got vaccinated.

Even if you do detox there is a high probability that you will be reinfected by the environment or another vaxxed person.

We need a cheap form of testing the blood of vaccinated, non-vaccinated, and children to determine if parasites and nanotechnology exist in the blood.

We need a long-term detox method and proven blockage of spiked proteins.

We need to find all ingredients of the vaccine and determine their intended payload to find detoxes and antidotes.

Vaxxed are shedding to the Non-Vaxxed including children

We know that 100 percent of the population has some form of blood damage, along with plants and animals. which means it’s in the environment. The most likely vector is chemtrails.

The Good News:

So far it seems that vitamin C infusions and CBDA and CBDG return the red blood cells to normal.

We are working with the top scientist and doctors in the world to test and prove these detox methods with before and after blood samples.

We have possibly identified a mass cure provided by the military that involves destroying the nanotech using tesla frequencies.

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Video Part 1

The Mindset of Dr. Robert, Lucifer’s Liquid, Transfection, AI, Parasites, PCR Swab Jabbs – Part 1 (


Video Part 2

The Mindset of Dr. Robert on Lucifer’s Liquid, Transfection, AI, Parasites, PCR Swab Jabbs (


Video Part 3

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