The COVID KILL Switch Part 4 By Agent Doctor Feel Good

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NSA,GOV Counter PSY-OPS Division 

Space Force 

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Parasite Sex Zombies

How many Men have your Wife or Girlfriend Had Sex With??? How many has she REALLY had sex with? It shows a list of women answering questions about how many men they have had sex with. Most of their numbers are in the HUNDREDS, and these are not HOOKERS or druggies these are all college girls. Translation??? Just like the BUGS can turn men GAY, the ones that feed on semen can turn the women into WHORES. I kind of have mixed feelings about that one let me tell SumTin to you. But that does answer a fundamental question. Why all the whores are so God damn crazy? They got MULTIPLE BUGS vying for control the brain. Is it MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES??? or MULTIPLE PARASITES???


Parasite Sex Zombies



The ALIENS SPACE WHORES Like SUGAR & SEX that’s why #AgentFreakNasty Be LIke ……………………>>>>

Candy Girl.. Sometimes words can have TWO MEANINGS ....Q-


Men don’t cheat, it’s the ALIENS PARASITES in our BRAIN making us do it you see????…….#AgentFreakNasty NASTY DAWGS….Q-



The SUN DAWG. #AgentBlackJesus


The Parasite Pill Part 2

Now we are going to digest the second part of the Parasite PIll. Here is the link if you want to read it ahead without my narration…….>Parasite Pill 2.0 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

How is it possible that HUMANS are the only mammals on earth who cannot produce their own Vitamin C? Is Vitamin C critical to our immune system? Was Our immune system DISABLED on purpose? Who did it and when???

Now would be a GREAT TIME to read my blog on COVID and ALIENS….Q- COVID And Alien Technology? – Red Emperor Collective (

Remember, what was just a CONSPICACY THEORY 1 year ago is NOW FACT.


photo 2024 03 01 19 38 47….


So the US GOVT has admitted that they have had ADVANCE UFO technology from at least the 40s???? What the hell have they been doing with it??? Do you see any flying cars, spaceships, free energy or advance medical technology??? Take a WILD GUESS what they have been doing with it…..Q-


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What if the FACE HUGGER was really a BRAIN HUGGER?



Hydra Found In Blood Of Vaccinated


photo 2024 03 01 19 39 28

One of the last Q post was this.

What was coded in our DNA?? Humans are the ONLY mammals that cannot produce their own vitamin C. . Logical Conclusion? Humans were either genetically modified or created by an aliens species. Most likely we were monkeys and the Aliens breeded with them to create hybrids. that’s my best guess but not sure.

Who Put it there and why . Answered. The made our bodies toxic so it would be a better breeding ground for their PETS.

These Parasites SUPRESS our true abilities which are unknown at this time.

There is a war for your DNA. Why do they want our DNA most likely for MK -ULTRA mind control weapons, could be something different not sure yet.


photo 2024 03 01 19 46 02


Were humans GENETICALLY MODIFIED to be HOST for PARASITES by disabling our ability to produce Vitamin C???? I can’t verify the authenticity of this picture, but it is a BIG CLUE. Notice the PARASITE wrapped around the head of the HUMAN?



The Mexican Cake Mummies


If you look on your Tel LIE Vision, you probably have NO CLUE that the Biggest Alien Disclosure Event in Human History is going on right now. You may have heard about the ALIEN CAKE MUMMIES that were revealed in front of the Mexican Congress soon after the US admitted to having Alien bodies, but did they tell you they found more than 20 different species of aliens??? Some small, some big, some reptilian with eggs in them, some had antennas, some had wings. Why is the Mockingbird Media and Big Tech trying to HIDE THIS FROM YOU??? Is it because they don’t want to reveal aliens to us. Well, the US GOVT already did so what is the REAL REASON for censoring the Mexican Cake Mummies????




Screenshot 2024 03 29 202052GJJpbeJWMAAJCdH

Intelligence Cross Check on the Mexican Cake Mummies Using Agent Freak Nasty’s Magically Delicious Reverse Search System.

If you don’t know by now, Google, Facebook Microsoft, Apple, Amazon were ALL either created by the CIA or OWNED by the CIA Google spends Billions of dollars a year making sure YOU don’t find the right information. Since I own a search engine firm called I have been able to take advantage of these BIG DUMMIES and cross check keywords on and see what they TRY TO HIDE…. For example, again. Google ***Agent Midnight Rider*** now go to and type the same. Do you SEE the difference??? WTF does that tell you???? I will tell you what it means. There are trillions of website pages, there is no way any human could ever sort that and rank it in an effiencet manner. So when they see a THREAT they must MANUALLY send in one of their WORMS and remove the information from the database.


yandex nazca

Click Here to Visit Nazca Mummy Site

nazca aliens

gogle nazca


Conclusions: Use for all your research. Compare results to Google for your own personal NSA snitch Database….#Agentmidnightrider Information Warfare


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They are telling us that people in positions of power are infected with the GAY ALIEN MAFIA BUG, then mind controlled to be TRANSformers…gaymafia6

Quick Watson!!!! Grab all the GAY MAFIA twats and shove Ivermectin down their throats…..Agent Doctor Feel Good


photo 2024 03 01 20 21 50



Another HARD CONFIRMATION that this document is from the Q team which is Military Intelligence. Yes, HCQ is HIGHLY effected against C19 because they INJECTED PARASTIES into you. Trump Recommended it and they went BAT SHIT CRAZY. What effect would HCQ have on the entire population? Would the MIND CONTROL ALIEN PARASITES DIE? Would it be the GREAT AWAKENING??? Would those Alien fucks keeping us slaves die??? One way to FIND OUT….Q-

What HIGH LEVEL political figure [45] Trump suggest for MASS USE OF HCQ???? Also notice it says that those INFECTED would heal suggesting the damage is reversable….KEY.


photo 2024 03 01 20 37 00



Trump COVID ANTIDOTE 768x536 1…..

BOOMSHAKALA !!! The Mysterious Parasite Pill Documents reference Dr. Robert Youngs Website.


photo 2024 03 30 01 00 25


tHE notice can anybody answer those questions, and TAKE NOTE about the Parasites being FOUND on the PCR testing swabs, Is it LITTLE BIT CLEARER why they stuck it up in your brain????    whoever wrote this shit was WATCHING they reference Dr Young’s site. I had the same picture on my site from august of 2022.WTF DOES THAT TELL YOU????


photo 2024 03 30 01 02 26



The Conclusion says it all. Now its time for NOODLE BAKING …..Q-

Are the elites who run the world meaning HUMANS the real enemy, or are they controlled by ALIEN PARASITES ?

photo 2024 03 01 21 28 57


Why are there top secret NASA documents talking about the HUMANS like we are NOT ONE OF THEM????  Welcome to the MATRIX….Q-

photo 2024 03 30 01 47 35


photo 2024 03 30 01 30 07


The Document list all the treatments for Parasites.


photo 2024 03 01 21 49 25


Look what CBD to the BRAIN PARASITE in a little baby


photo 2024 03 02 00 37 59




What is the REAL REASON for the War on drugs??? Is it because they don’t want us to get high, or is it SOMETHING ELSE????

Why does the DEA to THIS DAY still have a plant cannabis on the schedule 1 saying no medical value and banning doctors from testing.? Is because the dont want us to know one of the CURES FOR THEIR MK-ULTRA BUGS or because they care about us getting high???? You tell me….Q-








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This concludes Part 4 of the COVID KILL SWITCH timestamp 3/30/2024 2:34 AM parts 5 6 7 over the next several days. so, CHECK BACK ……#Internetassassin


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