The COVID KILL Switch Part 5 By Agent Midnight Rider

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The Parasite Pill Part 2

Parasite Pill 2.0 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Parasite PIll Part 2 By Agent Freak Nasty

Part 2 of the Parasite Pill goes into more detail. So, let’s get started! Basically, our reptilian overlords genetically modified humans ONLY so that we can’t produce our own Vitamin C. And on top of that they made sure our doctors never learned or told us how to deworm our bodies like all other mammals go through. Hence the FREAK OUT by the BUGS on the HORSE PASTE DEWORMER IVERMETIC….#AgentQ

the lack of vitamin can cause many of the mental diseases we have including depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s fatigue death and caner. DONE ON PURPOSE, to HUMANS ONLY? WHY?? so we can be a BETTER HOIST for their aluminum-based life form PARASITES….

vitamin C


That is why they INJECTED people with ALIEN EGGS you see???

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photo 2024 04 01 21 51 44



Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby.  The Jab:  Scientist Discovers Hatching Eggs, Parasites Birthed After Injection (16 October 2021)


Here they are telling us that the intestinally sugar us to death so the can feed their little PETS. Same reason they put the candy down low in 7-11 so the little children’s can get their SUGAR RUSH


photo 2024 03 21 23 26 21



The Men in Black Tried to give us a BIG HINT… EDGAR wants his SUGAR ….#AgentQ




Toothpaste For the Good Boys and Girls


photo 2024 03 21 23 34 44


Toothpaste isn’t so toxic that swallowing a little bit accidentally while brushing will kill you. Most traditional toothpaste is made with such small concentrations of fluoride and other chemicals that you won’t experience any disconcerting symptoms immediately. However, if you say, ate or swallowed an entire tube of toothpaste, you could experience abdominal pain, intestinal blockages, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, convulsions, shocks, and tremors, weakness, vomiting, and even a heart attack.

Toxins in toothpaste — 15 toxic ingredients in dental care to avoid – Huppy ( They poison the toothpaste so bad because it’s the primary way they continuously  feed your MIND BUGS. Thats why #Agentfreaknasty be like ………………>

Now you know this was a PSY-OP to encourage children to poison themselves…..Q-


Watch how they PSY-OP our children to inject Poison Fluoride into their little bodies to feed their PETS….#AgentQ
Conclusion. The REAL reason for the high sugar in our food and drinks is to feed EDGAR…..#AgentQ.
sugar water for edgar…..
Looks like the real reason they want us to eat insects is to feed EDGAR….
photo 2024 03 21 23 36 59..
photo 2024 03 21 23 42 25 1    Why do they put aluminum in our food vaccines and chemtrails. I assume it’s to feed their little aluminum-based life form PETS in our bodies. Do a cross intel check. Search the CIA eh hmm I mean Google for aluminum-based life forms and do the same on the world’s only uncensored search engine.
google alumin 1….alumimun base yanex 1

Fact: Humans have a naturally weak immune system due to their inability to produce Vitamin C.

Fact: The human immune system has been intentionally weakened through a variety of external methods: 1. Fluoride added to our water 2. Heavy Metals added to our air 3. Glyphosate added to our food 4. Adjuvants added to our vaccines 5. Alcohol pushed in mainstream media 6. Microplastics added to environment

Fact: The spread of parasites is intentionally encouraged in variety of ways: 1. Sugars added to our food 2. Infected insects used as food 3. Addictive psychiatric drugs prescribed by doctors 4. Promiscuity pushed in mainstream media 5. Fenbendazole removed from our food

X9,000 — 2um

Healthy Immune Function

Taken together, these things turn the human body into the perfect parasite-breeding ground. Due to lifestyle choices, environmental factors and genetic factors, humans are systemically much more susceptible to parasitic infection than any other mammal.

. Fenbendazole removed from our food.



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Screenshot 2024 04 02 014730..

Medical Treatments …..#AgentFreaknasty Style……>

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Signs That You Are Infected With Parasites

photo 2024 03 22 02 51 04..Do you have an increased appetite and an itchy anus??? Then you may be infected with butt parasites from outer space!!!! Call our HOTLINE now for a free consultation…..#QWBALLZ  …Screenshot 2024 04 02 022514…        


It’s a MIRACLE I TELL YA!!!!, As soon as we find the CORE CAUSE of every disease Dr. Oz Pops out of NOWHERE with Cure for Diabetes!!!!!

Screenshot 2024 04 02 022857Parasites Cause Mental Illness

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Screenshot 2024 04 02 023335..

Translation??? When you become 2 big of a star or politician you get invited to the SPECIAL BUG PARTIES where they slip you a MIND CONTROL BUT LARVAE in your Turkey Soup, and NOW their BITCH….Those under MK-ULTRA don’t even know it. and it’s NOT THE JOOOS!!!!..  Oh Vey!!!!!


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