The COVID KILL Switch Part 6 By the Internet Assassin


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NSA,GOV Counter PSY-OPS Division 

Space Force 

German Researcher Harold Vella 





Parasites can Change the Host Appearance and Sexual Orientation

Here they are telling us that certain parasites can change the physical appearance of the hosts.

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Later in the documents they clearly state that high profile is targeted and then BUGGED with the special mind control bugs for the elites. I would seem that some of these bugs are ANCIENT by them comparing the picture to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. ..



The more parasites the more PERSONAITIES you have, I guess we now know why women talk so God damn much don’t we children’s????

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In the 80s when I grew up there were 2 gay people, and everybody knew who they were. Little Richard, and Liberace now they are EVERYWHERE, where they all in hiding or was it SPREAD like a STD??? Thats what it looks like they are trying to tell us. You decide.

photo 2024 03 22 03 40 59


The Invasion of the WORM Transformers.


The TRANSformers are attacking our kids because the only way they can reproduce. The younger they get to their minds the better.


photo 2024 03 22 03 48 09 2..


Parasites turn men Gay.

photo 2024 03 22 03 54 46


Doctor explains how deworming a homosexual made him straight again HIGHLY suggesting that the PARASITES cause men to turn gay by taking over their mind.

photo 2024 03 22 04 25 30… No wonder FBI Director HOOVER was a Cross Dresser, All the CHIEF BUGS are secretly HOMO or TRANS, thats why I call them the GAY MAFIA>..


photo 2024 03 22 04 27 52.

it’s not your imagination. The reason why there are more LGBTQ because the GAY ALIEN BUTT BUG PARASITES are spreading like an STD.

photo 2024 03 22 04 40 45 2.

The Parasites that control our sexual urges make us want to have unprotected sex with as many partners as possible. I wonder if that applies to Straight Men Also??? hmmmmm..

photo 2024 03 22 04 46 04 2

Welcome To Freak Nasty’s Rough Necks.

The movie Starship Trooper is about humans going to war with an alien bug species. I am pretty sure this movie is part of disclosure because it’s TRUE, but the only thing they didn’t tell you is that the alien BUGS are inside your BODY and are wrapped around your mind like this. Only…the….Parasite…Bug…Is… Inside…your. Brain..4ZfjQmf..

Picture of a Hydra inside the Blood of a vaccinated Individual taking by Dr. Robert O Young

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Another picture of a Hydra. I don’t have the source but it’s probably from Dr. Robert Young also.


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Parasite Worms in Childhood


photo 2024 03 22 05 46 43


Basically, the Homosexual and Pedos attack children because the GAY ALIEN BUGS know that is the only way they can SPREAD. Wilhelm Reich – Wikipedia  Through his study of human behaviour, particularly the libido, the instinctual physiological or psychic energy associated with sexual urges, Reich came to believe in the existence of an energetic life force that he termed “orgone energy,” which was produced by “bions,” microscopic orgone units or energy vesicles in a state of transition between the nonliving and the living. He conceived of mental illness as an orgone deficiency, which he attempted to treat by harnessing this energy. The process consisted of placing the patient in a specially constructed cabinet called the Orgone Energy Accumulator, or orgone box, which he claimed captured and preserved orgone energy in the atmosphere. He later leased orgone boxes as a therapy for many illnesses, including cancer. Wilhelm Reich | Austrian Psychologist & Freud’s Student | Britannica

The REAL reason they went bat shit crazy on IVERMETIN and other PARASITE medications. Their TOP SECRET MK-ULTRA MIND CONTROL SECRET, is BIOLOGICAL/SYNTHETIC ALIEN Parasites. And 99 percent of us are INFECTED.

photo 2024 03 22 06 22 57..

Humans can completely be controlled by parasites. I believe these parasites are from an ALIEN SPECIES.

photo 2024 03 22 06 37 59.. Why do I think they are ALIEN, because these PARASITES are an aluminum-based lifeform. There are no known Aluminum based life forms from planet earth. And if you reference back to Dr. Deagle and the BIG TAMALE he clearly states that the Morgellons that have been dropped on us in chemtrails since the 90s are NOT from planet earth. FUTURE PROVES PAST> Listen again for yourself ….

photo 2024 03 22 06 38 07  

Screenshot 2024 04 03 013733


If you take a 365 N UV light you will see BILLIONS of Morgellons floating in the sky at night. We are being TERRAFORMED by an ALIEN species.


Morgellons are a whole nother rabbit hole. But basically they are some type of ALIEN life form with the intelligence of ants or bees used for mass mind control. You can do more research… The Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF) – Morgellons Disease ?   Video of a coroner admitting the so called blood clots are life forms. 


What’s happening Bug Brains???? Are you sure that’s YOU giving me that dirty look?? Or is it the ALIEN PARASITE???? …..#Superspy #Alienspookporn #FreakNastysRoughNecks

photo 2024 03 22 06 51 26..




That AWKWARD moment when you realize the MATRIX was a COMBAT TRAINING SIMULATOR…..Q-

..  There is the REAL MATRIX bug discovered in a vaccinated person. By Doctor Daniel Nagase


photo 2024 03 22 06 38 07….

The Great Awakening

What would happen if the entire population was DEWORMED on the BRAIN BUGS??? If you don’t know now you KNOW...Q-

photo 2024 03 22 10 04 28


Epstein Pedo Special is really the Epstein BUGGED special ??? ,,,, Could they have taken over the entire Government and all the Doctors Minds to make them commit Genocide on their own neighborhood??? What if its alien parasites controlling the PEDOS are they GUILTY???…. YOU TELL ME….Q-

Epstein Special

photo 2024 03 22 10 17 14


Hugh Hefner was a CIA agent Also. The Epstein for Hollywood and Athletes. We all were jealous as hell as kids watching all the stars party at the Playboy Mansion not knowing it was a TRAP, to keep the famous in control. You cant have people with large following asking questions like what really happened on 911 or Vegas. Or what the fuck is in the vaccine. Or supporting Trump You See??? THEY ALL HAVE to be controlled.  PLAYBOY BOYPLAY Hugh Hefner was CIA | Mossad Agent & Epstein of the 70ties till to his death ~ Nov. 16, 2022 – Rose Rambles…


Hugh Hefner was a MK-ULTRA Mind control Master for the CIA and most playboy bunnies were trained assassins spies and honey traps. See Operation Midnight Climax 


Screenshot 2024 04 03 030629


One of the dirties tricks the CIA likes to do is make Mind Controlled Bunnies and their Billionaire Marks fall in love with each other and get married. Then they kill the Billionaire then the Playboy Bunny and any children and collect the loot in RIGGED courts appointed by CIA Presidents and Governors. Or did you think Anna Nicole Smith really fell in love with a 97-year-old billionaire??? Screenshot 2024 04 03 031308..


Same with Playboy Bunny Pamala Anderson or do you believe that one of the hottest women in the world who was married to rockers like Tommy Lee and Kid Rock all of a sudden fell head over heels for a book worm??? She murdered Assange by the way. Hés not sucking wind anymore no matter what the TV tells you.  Rumors swirl that Pamela Anderson poisoned Julian Assange with vegan meal from Pret | Daily Mail Online

pamala anderson..


Well Well Well, looks like the MIND CONTROL BUG is a TRANNY.. Well Isn’t that Special ….It looks like they infect them with some SPACE GAY BUG and then they promote them to positions of power.


photo 2024 03 22 10 24 09.



photo 2024 03 22 10 28 35


How is it possible to this VERY Day that 99 percent of doctors and 99 percent of the Government hasn’t come out against the BIOWEAPON, how is it possible with all the EVIDENCE they are still shooting up little babies.??? NOW YOU KNOW….They can completely take over the mind of the target without them even knowing it.

Lyme disease gets its name from the town of Lyme, Connecticut, USA, where it was first identified in the 1970s. In 1975, a cluster of cases involving arthritis-like symptoms occurred among children in the area, prompting investigation. Dr. Allen Steere, a rheumatologist, and his colleagues at Yale University investigated these cases and identified a previously unrecognized illness, which they eventually named Lyme disease after the town where it was discovered. Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, which is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected black-legged ticks (also known as deer ticks).

photo 2024 04 03 03 48 06


The NUKE!!!! all cancers are parasites injected into us by our own Government, primarily for Mind Control secondarily for depopulation …Q   


photo 2024 03 22 13 36 01


More evidence that Parasite medicine kills Cancer, which really means it kills Parasites. The Ones that cause cancer and the ones used for Mind Control. Time Stamp 4/3/2024 . Will continue to Part 7 in two days. So CHECK BACK….