The COVID KILL Switch Part 7 By Agent Q MIB

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If the real cause of CANCER is parasites, are PARASITE Drugs the PERMANENT CURE for Cancer?????….. Are you connecting the DOTS yet rookie??? #SpaceForceMackandJackWonderTonic


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Over half of all deaths are caused by PARASITES. The Truth that we all thought was a mental hospital is really a regular hospital to be dewormed of our MK-ULTRA mind control Alien Bugs. that causes nearly EVER DISEASE with the combination of them poison our food, water air, and genetically modifying our bodies to not produce vitamin C is probably the cause of OLD AGE also. This is why they freaked out on IVERMECTIN; it wasn’t about depopulation it was about their TOP SECRET MK-ULTRA Biological Warfare Alien Mind Control Bugs.  If all of humanity where to deworm on a regular schedule GAME OVER for the SPACE JEWS….. Q-


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That AWKWARD moment when you realize Starship Troopers was trying to give you a BIG ASS HINT… Only the BUGS are inside your HINEY HOLE….#Superspy Freak Nasty’s Rough Necks!!!

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Dr. Robert O Young PH Miracle Diet Also Kills Bugs

Exosomes are small, membrane-bound vesicles that are released by cells into the extracellular environment. They are an important part of intercellular communication, playing a role in various physiological and pathological processes. Exosomes contain proteins, lipids, nucleic acids (such as DNA, mRNA, and microRNAs), and other molecules that can be transferred from one cell to another.

Exosomes are produced by almost all types of cells in the body and are found in various bodily fluids, including blood, urine, saliva, and breast milk. They can travel through the bloodstream and reach distant tissues, where they can deliver their cargo and influence cellular functions.

Research into exosomes has expanded rapidly in recent years due to their potential applications in diagnostics, therapeutics, and drug delivery. They are being investigated for their roles in cancer progression, immune response modulation, neurological disorders, and regenerative medicine, among other areas.


Pleomorphism refers to the ability of a cell or organism to exist in various forms or shapes. In biology, this term is commonly used to describe the phenomenon where cells of a particular type exhibit variability in size, shape, and structure. This variability can be observed both within a population of cells of the same type and within an individual cell over time.

Pleomorphism is often studied in the context of microorganisms, such as bacteria. Some bacteria exhibit pleomorphism, meaning that they can change their shape or size in response to environmental conditions or physiological states. For example, certain bacteria may transition between cocci (spherical), bacilli (rod-shaped), and spiral forms.

In the context of cancer, pleomorphism refers to the variability in the size and shape of cancer cells within a tumor. Tumor cells may display irregular shapes and sizes, which can be indicative of aggressive or malignant behavior.

Overall, pleomorphism is a concept that underscores the dynamic nature of cells and organisms, highlighting their ability to adapt to different conditions and context


photo 2024 03 22 15 08 18.. Basically, they are saying that parasites can create viruses to high jack the entire communication system of the body and control the person. The Eggs do not hatch unless the blood is acidic, the reason why they poison all our food with heavy metals and graphene.



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You see children’s??? Just like Dr. Franc Told use when he found the ALIEN CREEPY CRAWLIES in the vaccine, and just like a PINECONE they won’t HATCH until your blood is ACIDIC enough. Got PH – MIRACLE???? Bahahahhaha

Is it a little CLEARER too you why Dr. Young’s PH Miracle Diet Cures PARASITES eh hmmm I mean Cancer????


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I assume the same people who wrote Q wrote the Parasite Pills 1 & 2. Actually, I don’t have to assume I know for sure. And they were obviously looking at Dr. Youngs Work because the referred directly to his website. I just messaged him about the venom and water question. Will let you know if he responds. I think he might be BUGGED… We will see. Time Stamp 4/4/24 12:50PM


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What people didn’t realize was Doctor Young Discovered the Cure for PARASITES which means he discovered the CURE for almost every disease including their little MK-ULTRA BUG Secret. Same reason he was attacked by the GAY ALIEN MAFIA with LAWFARE.


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Agent Freak Nasty, Agent Night Nurse and Agent Fly Me to the Moon Forms Agent Freak Nasty’s Advance Alien Bio-Warfare Division Star Date 2023 …..#Superspy ..


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Spook Porn News

Another BUG Another ZIPPER HEAD… Who the FK is NEXT????….#Internetassasin Do you believe in COINCEDENCES??


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Let Me Tell You A little STORY.....#Internetassassin ..


Gay Alien Butt Bugs Strike Again!!!!

Look!!! Watson!!!, Watch how the Gay Alien Butt Worms take over the MINDS of HUMANS to ensure they are FED properly ……#Superspy


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Remember that 1 time when #Agentfreaknasty got attacked by them GOOD OL BOY red neck DIRTY COPS?? Then he found out it was DEA? then he found out it was FBI? then he found out it was CIA? Then he found out it was GAY ALIEN BUTT BUGS from OUTER SPACE??? That was awesome!!! Agent Q