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The Entire Biosphere is Contaminated With Unknown Parasites and Technology

The more and more you research COVID 19 and its origins the deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole you will fall. Some of my long-term readers will understand but a lot of you normies or first timers, I’m sure it will come to you first with disbelief, then shock, then horror, and then anger as you connect the dots. First let us roll back in time lime of events for those who need to catch up. **** note you can hover over the links and pictures for deeper rabbit holes, research and clues…..Q-

  • Early in 2019 members of the intelligence community were warned that the deep state was going to launch a FAKE PANDEMIC in order for force mail in voting to steal the election from Trump.

  • Later we found out that there was no real virus but a worldwide conspiracy by all governments to run a military grade scare PSY-OP to scare people into taking a experiential vaccine MIRACOULSY created and approve in under 12 months.

  • senator Obama Ukraine bio-labs

  • The ingredient of the vaccine has nanotechnology and parasites. Part of the ingredients are designed to kill you; the other part is technology designed to take over your mind.


  • Then we learned that the vaccine is VOLOTILE and the vaccinated can transmit the nano technology to the unvaccinated.

  • The American Heart Association releases a peer review paper that says 50 percent of the vaccinated will be dead by 2027. It is NO LONGER a conspiracy theory; the vaccine is lethal.


  • And our newest atrocity? It has just been confirmed that the nano technology is now in our food supply including beef milk, rainwater, plants, animals, dental anesthesia, dog food and even motor oil.


To some of you who watched Dr. Deagle’s bombshell intelligence drop this will not come as a shock to you. In that video released in 2006 he told us that THEY were dropping nano dust. different metals and ALIEN parasites called Morgellons from us in the chemtrails since the early 90’s. Also, for a long time we have known that graphene and especially aluminum has been dropped into the environment from chemtrails. This is a picture of rain from Australia sent to me from a colleague in Australia 2 months ago.


Nano-technology found in Australian rain 2-2023

Nanotechnology found in Australian rain 2-2023\\

chemtrail ingredients

Watch all these links and you will come to a conclusion that they have been infecting the entire BIOS-PHERE with ALIEN LIFE FORMS called Morgellons since the 90s …..Q-






What is so concerning about the technology in the meat and the milk is that a doctor reported it was giving off the same frequency. as the mysterious fiber clots they are finding in 70 percent of dead bodies that they have NEVER seen before. watch



Look at this beauty does that mf have a fish fin? and look at the fingers and the blood in the front and end.

alien blood clot

I wonder if this CREATURE we found in my bizz partners blood eventually grows into that CREATURE on the right, look at the shapes. ohh boiiiii!!When there's something strange in your blood stream fool, who you going to call????


The MYSTERY CLOTS are NOT GOING TO STOP GROWING by themselves, and its only a matter of time before it cuts off one of your important arteries or kills you from feeding off your blood supply.

Even if you do find out how to remove the vaccine from your body and these mysterious clots you still have to eat to survive. Only meat and milk food supplies have been tested so far for all we know it is in EVERYTHING.

These creatures are not made of any type of organic material that we on earth consider biological. These clots continue to grow even after they are pull out of dead bodies.

Not only are they trying to get us with the food supply but it seems as each vaccinated person is their own personal Bio-Weapon, recent released pfzier documents say that the vaccine is AREOLIZED



Vaccine Shedding & Graphene Oxide: Secret Pfizer Documents & Studies prove Graphene is in the COVID Vaccines & Shedding is sadly occurring with Deadly Consequences – The Expose (


In summary, it would appear the governments of the world have conspiracy to wage war against their own citizens by injecting them with a bioweapon, converting the environment to a condition beneficial to alien/AI/nanotechnology, while at the same time implanting our bodies with alien chartbusters via either via the food we consume or the close contact with have with other humans. let me know if I missed anything and please call me a nut job, call me crazy, call me a conspiracy theorist, just make sure you come with RECEIPTS to debunk it. i want to be wrong I really do.


What are we going to do about it?

I am not the smartest man in the world, but it looks to me like we are facing an extinction level event. Our first priority must be to protect the children. by protecting them we will ultimately protect ourselves by finding a detox and a method of avoiding the technology that has infested the entire environment. There are many people claiming that they have found a cure or a detox method online and the internet, but how can that be possible of NONE of them even understand what the technology is or more importantly HOW it is getting into our bodies and that of our children. Recently a doctor in Tennessee contacted Dr. Ana Michala and reported this.


There is something in our food supply that causes us to grow clots made out of unknown materials that continue to grow until they kill us or even worse takes over our brains and connect us to the AI controlled internet and it gives off a specific frequency. Thats if you believe this Dr. Jernigan. The only way to really verify this intelligence is to do live blood analysis of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. We have begun to do this here at and here are the results from the first 5 test. 2 unvaccinated, 2 vaccinated and 1 unknown. Here are the results.

The people most at risk now are the vaccinated, independent doctors and scientist are working around the world to try to find ways for you to detox the vaccine and graphene out of you bodies. So far from what I have researched the best methods are vitamin D, Ivermectin, Vitamin C infusions, CBDA & CBGA for spike protein treatment, glutathione treatments, colloidal gold, EDTA treatments, and EMP treatments. Here is a link to a resource page you can research for your self. How To Remove Spike Protein From Body Using Vitamin C & CBD – Red Emperor Collective (

As always, do your own research come to your own conclusions. We have started a new telegram channel with Dr. Robert Young to show more blood test, discuss detox methods and other COVID news and updates. Please join the channel and share this blog with friends and family. If you have any information to disprove or enforce this information, please email me at [email protected]






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