CBD Inhibits Covid-19

Does CBD Protect The Immune System?

Can CBD Boost Your Immune System? Research shows that cannabinoids (similar to cannabidiol) can inhibit the release of cytokine (1) (2). Cytokines are proteins that play a role in chronic and acute inflammation (2 ). CBD could theoretically play an important role in the management of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), HIV/AIDS and Parkinson’s disease. An autoimmune disease is characterized…

Dr Malone Corona Vaccine Fraud

New Studies Show That Corona Vaccines Cause Damage To Your Immune System

Recent Studies Have Shown That Corona Vaccines Can Permanently Damage Your Immune System. Omicron is more common after vaccinations have been completed. To maintain vaccine effectiveness against Omicron, it is important to vaccinate every 30 days.   Originally Posted at https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/new-study-shows-vaccines-must-be January 7, 2022 Update: These numbers from the Denmark study are now supported by German government data which…


Dr. Richard Van Breeman Discovers CBD Can Prevent COVID-19

  Two Oregon universities have discovered that cannabis is a rare substance found naturally. This makes it a promising tool for preventing COVID-19. Published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Natural Products, the study identified three cannabis compounds–non-psychoactive precursors found in the plant before it’s converted into the stuff that gets you high–as being notably effective at…

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Interview with Dr. Jane Smith Plant Biologist

interview with Dr. Smith Ph.D. Plant Biologists Originally Posted 3/23/2013 12:48:58 AM   Hello, my name is James I am interviewing Dr. Jane Smith Ph.D. in plant physiology and genetics about her experience in the plant field and her thoughts about the medical marijuana industry. James:  Ok Doctor Smith I am going to start off with the…


Oregon State University Resesearch Shows CBDA & CBDG Prevents COVID-19 From Infecting Human Cells

Cannabinoids That Stop Covid CORVALLIS (Ore.) – Hemp compounds discovered by Oregon State University researchers using a chemical screening method invented at OSU have the potential to stop the virus responsible for COVID-19 from entering human cells. The Journal of Natural Products published today the findings of the study conducted by Richard van Breemen (a researcher at…

CBGA Benefits COVID-19 Spike Proteins

Can CBD or Cannabis Prevent COVID?

Can cannabis prevent COVID? Maybe – but not by smoking it, experts say. JULIA MAARNIN – What you need to know. A new study from Oregon State University suggests that cannabis compounds may prevent COVID-19 infection in human cells. Experts say that smoking marijuana will not help. MATILDE CAMPODONICO, AP This article is Unlimited Access. Subscribe to our…


Cannabinoids Stop The Virus Causes Covid-19 To Penetrate Human Cells

Cannabinoids Block Cellular Access to SARS-CoV-2 & Emerging Variants   According to a laboratory study published by the Journal of Nature Products, cannabis compounds stopped the virus that causes Covid-19’s penetration of healthy human cells. Researchers from Oregon State University identified two compounds found in hemp, called CBGA and CBDA, as potential anti-coronavirus agents. They were found to…